Carinthian Cheese Noodles

Real Carinthian home-style cooking. The ingredients are sufficient to make about 16 medium-sized noodles.

Noodle Dough:
250 g plain flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 egg
6 - 8 tablespoons water or milk

Mix the flour, salt, egg and liquid thoroughly in a bowl and knead into a smooth dough which is not too thick. It is essential to cover the dough and leave it for a few hours, preferably overnight.

1. Curd Cheese & Potato Filling:

500 g potatoes
500 g crumbly curd cheese
1 teaspoon salt
50 g butter
50 g onions or leek
1 clove of garlic
1 teaspoon each of field mint and chervil herb,
a little marjoram

Boil the potatoes, peel while hot and mash them. Crumble the curd cheese into them. Cut the onions or leek and the garlic into fine slices, fry them in butter, and chop the herbs finely. Knead everything together thoroughly. Shape
the mixture into balls of any size you like.

2. Curd Cheese & Bread Roll Filling:

2 stale bread rolls
500 g curd cheese
1 teaspoon salt
50 g butter
50 g onions
1 egg
A little milk

Same spices as for filling No. 1

Cut up the bread rolls into small cubes. Sweat the fine-chopped onions in butter, add the bread, and lightly fry them both. Pour enough milk over the bread rolls to slightly moisten them. Add the rest of the ingredients, knead
everything together thoroughly, and shape into balls.